One of the biggest decisions we make every day is what to eat. Whether you want to get inspired or just switch things up, Instacart recipes can help. We partner with well-known publishers to source recipes.

Through Instacart, shopping for recipes is just a click away. We suggest recipes based on ingredients you’re already shopping for. When you select a recipe, you get preparation instructions and can easily order all necessary ingredients.

Shopping for recipes

Within a storefront, you can browse relevant recipes by using the Recipes tab at the bottom of the app or the sidebar on the website. When viewing items, like chicken or spaghetti, you can browse Related recipes for more ideas. Or, browse recipes by cuisine or occasion. If you find a recipe you like, you can buy the ingredients or favorite it for later. 

In the shoppable ingredient list, you can uncheck the circle next to any items you don’t want or need. You can also substitute any item in the recipe based on your preferences by selecting View alternatives under the item and choose another item that works better.

If a recipe ingredient is out of stock, select a replacement preference during checkout or after placing your order (before Instacart assigns a shopper). 

Saving recipes

If you find a recipe you’re interested in and want to save it for later, tap the heart on the top right corner to save to your favorites.

  • Find favorited recipes in the Instacart app by selecting Your Recipes from the home screen, then Favorited
  • On the website, you’ll see your favorited recipes on the sidebar of the home screen.
  • You can also filter your favorited recipes by store. 

Finding ordered/favorited recipes

From a specific storefront, you can find recipes under Your Recipes or Buy It Again

Find your shopped recipes in the Instacart app under Your Recipes

  • From the home screen, select Your Recipes.
  • From the storefront, select View all next to the Your Recipes carousel.
  • Select Ordered for the recipes you shopped for.

Find your ordered recipes under Buy It Again

  • From the home screen, tap Buy It Again, then Your recipes at the top, or
  • Select View more, then Your recipes.

Instacart recipes are currently available to all customers using the Instacart iOS app or We’re working to expand availability to Android.